Ryan and Rose Cutie Pacifier and Teether - Oxford

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2-in-1 Pacifier and Teether in one.

Round Stage 1 Babies without teeth as soft medical-grade silicone will soothe gums
Bulb Babies without teeth who prefer a bulb-shaped nipple
Slant Babies without teeth who prefer a slant-shaped nipple
Flat Babies without teeth who prefer a flattened nipple
Round Stage 2 Babies with teeth as thicker nipple is bite resistant, perfect for infant and toddlers

The pacifier features a thematic nipple with seamless design from end to end.
The large round shield mimics the comfort of mother's breast to soothe baby.
Larger breathing holes provide increased ventilation and the perfect place to attach clip.

Designed with a teething baby in mind, the handle ridges provide comfort to baby's gums. The outer handle makes it easy for baby to grip and hold with placing in baby's mouth.

Made with 100% food grade silicone.
Designed in the USA. Made in China.
Free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, and latex.
FDA approved. Non toxic.

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