Haakaa Reusable Cooling Perineum Compression Pad

Haakaa Reusable Cooling Perineum Compression Pad

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Soothe pelvic discomfort, perineal swelling and other aches and pains associated with natural childbirth with Haakaa's Cooling Perineum Pad.
Contents: 1 x Cooling Perineum Compression Pad, 2 x Cotton Sleeves, 5 x Non-woven Fabric Covers, 1 x Portable Storage Bag.

The compression pad is designed to be chilled or frozen to help relieve tenderness and pain.
The pad fits inside the soft cotton sleeve, which provides a protective layers between the pad and skin, and clips over underwear for a secure fit.
Non-woven fabric covers for the fridge or freezer, which helps to create a hygienic barrier between the pad and the rest of the items inside.

BPA and Phthalate-free.

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