Haakaa Generation 3 Silicone Breast Pump

Haakaa Generation 3 Silicone Breast Pump

Regular priceIDR 479.000

Haakaa Generation 3 keeps the same simple and effective breast pump design as of Generation 2, except now you can express directly into a detachable silicone bottle.
Pump accommodates different breast sizes.
Easy and effective milk expression, directly into the bottle.

Made from high-quality food grade silicone.
Capacity: 160ml.
Safe in microwave sterilizers and boiling water.
BPA, PVC and Phthalate-free.

With a quick twist of the top, you can swap out your breast pump flange for any of Generation 3 range of optional interchangeable attachments (each sold separately):
-a baby bottle teat to let you feed your little one expressed milk, or
-a feeding spoon dispenser for when your baby moves on to solids, or
-a sealing disks to preserve any leftover food or milk after feeding.

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